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King’s Dead – Jay Rock

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Artists: Kendrick Lamar, James Blake, Jay Rock, Future
Album: Black Panther (soundtrack)
Released: 2018
Category: Hip Hop / Rap Music

As if the sight of Kendrick Lamar eating an elote up a palm tree alone wasn’t enough, there were more staggering, unprecedented visuals in the music video for his Jay Rock, Future and James Blake collaboration “King’s Dead“, including perhaps the longest camera zooms ever staged. Listen and download ringtone King’s Dead – Jay Rock for your android or ios. This ringtone was uploaded by Funnyringtones.info website.

King’s Dead – Jay Rock Ringtone:

[Chorus: Kendrick Lamar]
Miss me with that bullshit (bullshit)
You ain’t really wild, you a tourist (a tourist)
I be blackin’ out with the purist (the purist)
I made a hundred thou’, then I freaked it (I freaked it)
I made 500 thou’, then I freaked it (I freaked it)
I bought a ’87 for the weekend (the weekend)
This ain’t what you want, this ain’t what you want (what you want)
This ain’t what you want, this ain’t what you want (what you want)

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
And it’s like that, lil’ bitch
MVP, I don’t get no sleep, no, I don’t like that, lil’ bitch
Bust that open, I want that ocean, yeah that bite back, lil’ bitch
Do it bite back, lil’ bitch? Need two life jackets, lil’ bitch
I ain’t gon’ hold you, I ain’t gon’ press you, never control you
I ain’t gon’ front you, keep it 100, I don’t know you
Boss like Top Dawg, bossed my life up, crossin’ over
Stutter steppin’, got a Hall of Fame in all my posters
I’ve been ready, my whip been ready
My bitch been ready, my clique been ready
My shit’s been ready, my check’s been ready
My shot’s on full, that’s Armageddon
I got pull, I hope y’all ready

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