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Shri Sai Satcharitra in Odia Ch Baba asked him to come close and sit with a calm mind, which Deo did.

Then that night Gouri had a vision. Destroying ignorance is Jnana.

One gentleman, named Anandrao Pakhade came there in search of Madhavarao. Then they left for Gaya. He came to know that He was omniscient and knew the shi of all. He usually worshipped the Shrine of Datta, on the banks of the Godavari at Kopergaon on his way to Shirdi, but this time he dissuaded his relation who was a Datta Bhakta from going to that Shrine, to avoid delay and drove straight.

He yujarati that Baba knew nothing of all this or of Sanskrit. I told him that a frog was in trouble and was tasting the bitter fruit of its own karma. Seeing the pure attachment of His devotees He always acted in their szi and hence He was in a way dependent on them.

Shri Sai Satcharitra in Gujarati Language ~ Shirdi Sai Baba Resources

Then we know that the Brahma which is no other than our Guru is the sole reality and as It transcends and besets the seeming universe, we begin to worship It in all creatures. So give, if you like, anything of your own. Pakhade brought the dhotar and requested Kakasaheb to hand it over to Madhavarao; but the latter refused to accept it, saying that unless Baba gave a hint or suggestion for acceptance, he would not accept it.

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But he, who by his discourse creates in us, a distaste for the enjoyments of this world and the next, and gives us a taste gjjarati self-realization, who is well-versed in both the theoretical and practical knowledge self-realization deserves to be called a Sad-guru.

Some cried out loudly, some wallowed on in the streets and some fell down senseless. Shevade aside and asked him who this Sai Baba was whom he extolled so high. Shama and Tatya Kote asked Baba for an explanation. So the cunning miser cheated all, his wife, Dubaki and even God. He felt very sorry and dejected.

Shri Sai Satcharitra in Gujarati Chapter 27 – Shirdi Sai baba

Though Your Form is invisible to us now, still if the devotees believe in You, they get living experiences from You. Deo took these scoldings as flowers and blessings and went home satisfied and contented. This has been drawn by Shamrao Jaykar, a famous artist and well-known devotee of Baba. Shama who was sleeping there, got also a similar vision. In the evening of Tuesday the Sub-Inspector came from Rahata and others from other places turned up and they all agreed to the proposal.


He had gone to Lendi.

Service He was a Supervisor in the P. So Dada Kelkar dressed himself and started for the place. If He were a Shr, how could He keep Dhuni fire ever burning in the Masjid, how could shrl be a Tulsi Vrindavan there, how could He allow the blowing of conches and ringing of bells and the playing of the musical instruments, how could He allow all the different forms of Hindu worship, there?

Deo then saw Baba and offered one rupee as Dakshina. When he fully awoke, he saw no Sai nor any Sannyasi.

Write to him a pleasing reply that three of us the trioMyself, yourself and a third will go and attend it. All the obsequies of Baba were duly performed by Balasaheb Bhate and Upasani, a great devotee of Baba. Shri SaiSatcharitra in English Ch 40 https: They both went first to Nagpur for the thread ceremony. Some time saycharitra this, Ramachandra Patil became scriously ill.

Shri Sai Satcharitra in Gujarati Chapter 17

The croaking was heard again and he wanted to know what it was. Upadesh is merely to show him his satharitra and destroy his ignorance. Nana — Yes He was. All the foods were mixed in a hotch-potch and placed before Baba.

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